The Truth About Hatter House

You want to know what Hatter House is, but we prefer what it is not.


For what it’s not, this page will suck. 

For what it’s worth, we'll test our luck.


It's not a prison, unless rhyming’s a crime.

Go get my suitcase. I’ll gladly serve time.


It's not a school, but you can learn things.

Like how to grow your own set of wings.


It's not a church to worship speech.

Although, verse it surely does preach.


It's not a brothel. No sex found here.

But you can find that someplace more queer.


It's not yo' momma’s house. Don’t be prude.

It is always acceptable to dance in the nude.


Now you know what this is, and what it is not.

An imaginary asylum, that’s what I thought.


It may sound scary but nothing to be feared.

We have one mission: normalize the weird.


To join Hatter House, here’s what you do:

Commit to yourself to get committed, too.


Oh, and P.S. Here’s a too-late disclaimer:

Best read drunk. It's a no-brainer!


So grab a beer and read this again.

Then send the owner some appreciation.